• Hello I'm Craig

    Firstly let me say thank you for taking the time to check out my Big Saturday Night Show.

    This show has been built up from nothing, to where it is now, on hundreds of stations, Live every Saturday night. I have 16 years experience in broadcasting and The Big Saturday Night Show has been running for 4 years. As each year passes it keeps getting bigger and better, Where is it going to stop? I have no idea!

    The show was set up initially to help out stations that might have a gap in their schedule on a Saturday evening. It runs for 4 hours from 8 p.m. till midnight, UK time from one central studio. The studio has been custom built to a commercial grade quality, specifically to network the show on as many stations as possible, therefore taking the stress and pressure off station owners, to open up their studio, for a presenter at that time of night. Everything in the show is generic, no date references, or time checks are said on air, which allows us to record the live show to make it available for stations who can't take it live, or are on a different time zone. We can also add that little extra touch if you do take the Show Live, with our split branding package (subject to availability). This means we can play your station jingles on a private stream just for your station only. So we have plenty of ways to try and help you out, and supply you with The Big Saturday Night Show.

    Here is what we offer:

    4 hours of Top 40, Decades, Dance, Floorfilers, Club Tunes & Chart Remixes etc. Pretty much a bit of everything.

    If your station is taking the show live, we supply a Generic live stream URL link or a Custom live stream URL link (subject to availability)

    Taking the show recorded can be supplied by either, Dropbox, FTP or We Transfer, in either a solid 4 hour block file or 4 individual hour files. Plus the full track list of songs played can be supplied as well.

    So as you can see we try our best to cover every option possible. I think I've covered everything there, if you are interested in adding my show to your station please leave your name, email address, and any questions you might have in the boxes below. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



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