• Show 1st July 2017

  • Show Blog

    Hello Everyone and welcome to this weeks blog. What a day Saturday was , I didn't think I was going to make it back in time for the show, a busy day that just went from bad to worse. I got into the studio with 40mins to spare before going on air, not the way I had planed it. So everything was covered apart from the 7 song shuffle as it takes to long to make I just didn't have the time which was a shame, apart from that all the other features are on this blog or listen back to the full show on our Mixcloud page. 


  • Disco Throwback

    Mr Jason Flavell is still a little hungover and has a sleep pattern that doesn't exist, I must be getting old as I love my sleep. anyway this song is a beauty, one that I didn't know the name of if I'm honest but knew the song once I hit play. Enjoy this.


  • Reverse the Chorus

    This is a cracking song that I have played on the show many times before, one thing I haven't done is look at the video until I went to find it for this blog. its a strange video do you agree? or is it just me. Enjoy this weeks Reverse a Chorus from Ace of Base.


  • Record of the Week

    Ermm should I really be saying this. My Record of The Week is from Little Mix ft Stormzy - Power. Its got a great bass line and the production is more what I like it just happens to be on a Little Mix song. Its got a very Dub Step style bass which I like. And the video is not bad.