• Show 09th Dec 2017

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    Hello and welcome to this week's blog. So we are ever getting closer to Christmas Day and tonight was nice to have a full studio of Radio presenters and Nick k. It's always nice to hang out with good friends and to include it into a radio show. In this blog you will hear how the guys got on with my 7 song shuffle listen to the answers below to find out how many answers were guest right. If you want to hear more conversations from the show then do listen back to the whole show. Don't forgot you can listen back to all the full shows on our Mixcloud page


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  • Disco Throwback

    The original "Take On Me" was recorded in 1984 and it took two versions and three releases to finally chart in the United Kingdom, reaching number two on the UK Singles Chart in October 1985. In the United States in October 1985, the song became the only A-ha song to reach the top position of the Billboard Hot 100.


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  • Reverse a Chorus

    So with four presenters in the studio this should have been easy. It was a little easier than I thought as one presenter said the answer out live on the radio. Oops never mind.



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  • Record of the Week

    Digging through the archives of the big Saturday night show studios I stumbled across this great track that everybody in the studio agreed with me was a great track to play and worthy of record of the week.

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  • 7 Song Shuffle

    As always we have 7 songs with a possibility of 14 points up for grabs. Four presenters live in a studio playing this game, did anybody get 14 points? You will have to listen back to the answers to find who got what scores.


  • 1. Calvin Harris - Acceptable In The 80s
    2. Justin Bieber - Mistletoe
    3. The Red Hot Chilli Peppers - By The Way
    4. Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven
    5. Coldplay - Christmas Lights
    6. Wham - Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
    7. Ciara feat. Justin Timberlake - Love Sex Magic

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  • Craigyboy's Triple Tracker

    This is the newest feature to the show, we get the computer system here at The Big Saturday Night Show to pick out 3 tracks from its database at random so even I don't know what its going to pick until it plays us a little teaser of the 3 songs before playing them in full. As we cant play you full songs on this blog you can check out the videos of the chosen tracks.