• We keep the schedule loose here on The Big Saturday Night Show, just because it's the music and banter that matters. We always have some regular features to keep you entertained, here is a sample of what to expect over the course of a show.

  • Facebook Live Stream 8pm - 10pm

    Watch the show behind the scene and talk with me while the songs are playing. Do you have a question for me that you have always wanted to ask? This is the time to do it.

  • 20:15 Reverse a Chorus

    Part of a song that is spun backwards, Can you name the artist & song title?

  • 21:15 7 Song Shuffle

    7 clips of a mixed genre of songs, How many can you name? 14 points up for grabs.

  • 22:15 Guess The Intro

    A clip of an intro split into 3 parts, 2 seconds, 5 seconds & 10 seconds, Can you name the song?