• We keep the schedule loose here on The Big Saturday Night Show, just because it's the music and banter that matters. We always have some regular features to keep you entertained, here is a sample of what to expect over the course of a show.

  • 8pm - 9pm / Top 40

    Keeping you up to date with brand new music & all of the latest music from the Top 40 as well as your requests.

  • 8:15pm / Disco Throwback

    Jason gives us some clues to guess, but can you work out what the Disco Throwback is?

  • 8:30pm / Reverse a Chorus

    A Short clip of a song spun backwards, but can you work out the Artist & Track?

  • 9pm - 11pm / The Saturday Night Rewind

    Two hours of throwbacks as we go back in time. Any decade and any genre, this is the best time to get your requests in. 

  • 9:15pm / Triple Tracker

    3 Random songs, picked at random by the system. Full range of the whole database, what will we end up with, you will need to listen to find out.

  • 9:30pm / 7 Song Shuffle

    7 little clips all in one mix, 14 points are up for grabs, but can you name all 7 Artists & 7 tracks?

  • 11pm - Dance Anthems

    One hour full of all the best chart remixes, floorfillers, old school etc. If you love your dance you will love Dance Anthems, lets end the show in style with the volume up to the max.