• Take a listen here to some of the clips taken from the live show. Really Anything could end up here so enjoy.

  • Embarrassing Jase On Air

    Jason hosted a radio show after a few beers on a Friday night. So I decided to record the show and pick out some interesting bits from his show. This is a clip of me showing him the recordings live on The Big Saturday Night Show.

  • Buying Tickets Drunk

    (Not Heard OnAir) So Jase decided to give me and Nick a call in the studio just after we had finished the show, about 5 past midnight. As soon as we answered we knew he had been drinking. He wanted to buy tickets to a gig. Here is what happened. 

  • Jason Called From Wetherspoons

    So here I was doing my normal show and I get a random call. Who could this be? Its only Mr Flavell calling from a night out to do Disco Throwback Live. But he was a little too late. Here is the call. 

  • Nick K Tuned In

    My friend and show buddy Mr Nick K decided to have a listen to the Dance Anthems Hour. He was being a bit of a lightweight and went to bed early. So I gave him a mention on the show. and listeners started to wondered if he was alone or not? 

  • Darren's DVD

    This made us chuckle in the studio. I'm sure Darren has a DVD called this. What do you think? 

  • Darren Dressed Like A Bear

    So I think we found out on the show that Darren likes to dress in a bear onesie to do his radio shows. Do you agree?

  • Not The Only One To Do This

    Darren was on about how the Reverse a Chorus is on the tip of your tongue in the studio and how its easier at home. The pressure of the studio. 

  • Spread It Everywhere

    This was a funny little innuendo that made Darren laugh. Just shows what a dirty mind he has. 

  • Funny Riddle

    We do find some funny riddles that sound wrong and this is one of those sounded so wrong. We had some interesting answers come in for it on Facebook & Twitter, not radio friendly but made us laugh in the studio. 

  • What's The Feature

    For the life of me I could not think of what the next feature was, But I did get help from the listeners so thank you all. Some how this managed to get taken down the wrong road . Darren's fault again :-) 

  • Jason Flavell (Brighton Pride)

    We was into Dance Anthems only for a few mins as we got a voice message, Who from? Jason Flavell. Was He Sober? NOOOO. His voice was shot. Sounds like he had a good night. 

  • S*** We Are Off Air

    So its never good when presenting a live radio show and the music stops mid flow, after 3 years of doing this show its happened for the first time 

  • Breakfast Show Mention

    Its always nice to hear my show getting a mention from the breakfast show team on one of the stations taking my show. Even if the presenters want to beat me off with a stick lol. 

  • Kellie Singing

    So Kellie thought it was ok to send a clip of her singing via Facebook to someone who has a radio show. You know it has to be played on the show, it would be wrong not to.

  • Pre Record after the Christmas party

    Its always fun to try and record a show after a Christmas party. Here is all the best bits cut from the first hour of the show that never made it to the radio.