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  • Show 11th Nov 2017

    Hello and welcome to this week's blog if you have never checked out a Blog before think of it as an easy-to-use way of finding all the show features, so no need to scroll through the whole listen again to find the features this blog makes it easy to find and to share with your friends. Give the

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    Show 04th Nov 2017

    Hello everybody and welcome to this week's blog. So it was bonfire night/weekend which made the show a little quieter than normal on the request front. But a lot of people still tuning in and enjoying their quiet night in or parties, either way it was nice to be on in the background to supply the

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    Show 28th Oct 2017

    What a great night the show was, a big thanks to everybody that tuned in and sent in request for me to play out on the radio. A big thanks to Sam for the disco throwback not heard Eiffel 65 - blue for quite a while. Reverse a chorus was a great one tonight, a lot of people joining in with this and a

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    Show 21st Oct 2017

    Hello all hope you are all well. What a great show we had and to be joined by Jason Flavell after quite a few months, we had all our normal features which was nice Jase could join in with them. Sam Picked our Disco Throwback which got a big thumbs up from Jase as its a fave of his. Reverse a Chorus

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