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  • Show 09th Dec 2017

    Hello and welcome to this week's blog. So we are ever getting closer to Christmas Day and tonight was nice to have a full studio of Radio presenters and Nick k. It's always nice to hang out with good friends and to include it into a radio show. In this blog you will hear how the guys got on with my

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    Show 02nd Dec 2017

    Hello everybody and thank you for checking out this blog. Here you will find all the features in it easy to use blog. So we kicked off the first Saturday of December, so that means it's time to dust off the old Christmas jingles. All the features are the same just with a sprinkling of Christmas. We

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    Show 25th Nov 2017

    Hello all and welcome to this Saturday night's blog. Firstly thank you all for checking out this blog and if you're new and not sure what this is all about its an easy-to-use way of finding all our features that we do on the show. Tonight was an interesting one as it was the first show not live for

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    Show 18th Nov 2017

    Hello and welcome to this week's blog if you have never checked out a Blog before think of it as an easy-to-use way of finding all the show features, so no need to scroll through the whole listen again to find the features this blog makes it easy to find and to share with your friends. Give the

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