• Craigyboy

    I'm Craigyboy, (Craig) 35 years old and with over 18 years of experience in radio for many different stations. I started and lasted one day at Hospital Radio, let's just say there are a few 'chancers' in that field! I am really hands on and I couldn't cope with starting from the bottom, that is what you get for spending many years messing about with computers and radio equipment and teaching yourself I suppose!

    One thing I have learned from all this, is that radio is a very hard game to get into! I hold my hands up to anyone that has got a job in radio. I'm lucky in a way as I've got support from some great people and friends who, like me, have all tried different things in radio to further their career. 

    I have worked hard to build up the show and I am really fussy about the quality of the sound that the show brings. A huge amount of time (and money!) has been spent ensuring the best sound possible. Most of the imaging (jingles) you hear on the show has been made by myself ensuring the whole show package is tailored to suit Craigyboy style. 

  • About The Show
    Live The First Saturday Of Every Month
    8pm - Midnight UK Time

    The Big Saturday Night Show broadcasts Saturday's night between 8pm and Midnight playing new music, chart remixes, floorfillers & a few of your retro favourites. Features include:

    Disco Throwback: Jason throws us back to a classic Disco songs. But can you work out what it is before we play it?

    Reverse a Chorus: A song spun backwards for a few seconds, but can you work out the artist & track?

    7 Song Shuffle: A mixed selection of 7 songs with little snippets of each song in one big mix, how many can you identify?

    Triple Tracker; 3 songs picked at random by the system, we all find out together what is going to be played.

    If you would like to hear your favourite song please get in touch with me by sending an Instant Message or using my request page.