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    • Show 24th Feb 2018

      Hello Everyone. Thank you for checking out this weeks blog, in here you will find all the features we had on the show. So if you missed any or would like to give them ago again or maybe even test your friends and family well now you can with this handy blog. It was a good week as I joined in playing

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      Show 17th Feb 2018

      Hello and welcome. What a good night we had, We started off with my Disco Throwback which normally comes from Mr Jason Flavell. Tonight it was down to me to supply you with one. I don't think I did to bad of a job. Find out what song I picked below. Then we moved on to my Reverse a Chorus. Did

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      Show 10th Feb 2018

      Hello and welcome. Another big Saturday night show done and dusted for another week. In this blog is all the features found on the show so if you missed them you can check them out in this handy little blog. And while you're here why not test a friend or family member and see how they get on with

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      Show 03rd Feb 2018

      Hello and welcome. A lot of love coming in for tonight's show and a lot of messages from listeners. So many people playing along with my features I couldn't keep up. If you missed any of them or would like to test your friends or maybe have another go check them out in this handy little blog. .

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