• Show 10th June 2017

  • Show Blog

    Hello Everyone and Welcome to the first blog on the new site, What a great show it was on Saturday. Nice to have Jason & Nick in the studio for the first time in 2017. Even though its been over six months since they were last on the show nothing has changed, still the normal banter and fun. Coming up in the blog we have all the show bits but in text form. Just in case you missed something on the live show. If you would like the full track listing of the show then Please go check out Mixcloud for a full list with each hour.


  • Disco Throwback

    So Tonight's Disco Throwback was nice to have Jason Live in the studio to do this, Think he forgot how it was done its been that long, He Pick Jamelia - Superstar It was released on 13 January 2003 as the lead single from her debut studio album. Its got to number 3 in the Official Charts in 2003-2004. 


  • Reverse the Chorus

    This is such a good track and i had to pick it for this feature, its only when i spun it backwards i found out its not much different than the song playing forwards. Nicks a big fan of this song so he was happy to hear it. Take a listen to the clip below of this feature on the radio. how well did the lads do?


  • Record of the Week

    The one good thing about my normal job is that i get plenty of time to listen to music, so that why i always have a good mix of music to share as my record of the week, and this week I'm not letting the side down, this is a blast from the past. Take a look at the video or listen back to the show.

  • 7 Song Shuffle

    This is always a great game and very fun to watch Jason & Nick pull their hair out in the studio, Have a listen to the clip below to hear what happened when we went through the answers.


  • 1. Soulja Boy - Kiss Me Thru The Phone
    2. Spice Girls - Wannabe
    3. Vanessa Carlton - A Thousand Miles
    4. Tinie Tempah - Pass Out
    5. The Rasmus - In The Shadows
    6. The Pulp - Common People
    7. Sum 41 - Fat Lip

  • Spice Girls