• Hello All. Firstly thank you for checking out The Big Saturday Night Show.  The show has been running for 3 & a half years live every saturday night.  As you can imagine its not easy to prepare and present a 4 hour show while holding down a full time night job in the week.  There is a huge amount of behind the scenes work that takes up a lot of time.  I need to make a few adjustments to making the show sound perfect and so I've decided to temporarily suspend live shows and re-run some past shows.  New shows will be back bigger and better and may also include some new features and also cameras for Facebook Live.  In the meantime, keep listening and watch this space!

    • Join Craigyboy every Saturday night from 8pm til Midnight for a great mix of music from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s & up to the current day. Play along & see if you can guess my Reverse a Chorus & 7 Song Shuffle while your enjoying your Saturday night.

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    • Did you miss part of the show? missed your mention on the radio? missed the features? or maybe you would just like to listen again. Then not to worry we have you covered, catch up on the last 4 shows here or find the full archive on MixCloud

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    • Here is a list of songs already in the system ready to play out. Have a browse and if you see something you like, add it to the playlist & Craigyboy will try to get it on the show for you. Request your songs early so you don't miss out.

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    • The Big Saturday Night Show is available for free to any FM, DAB or Internet station. We offer a range of options and invite you to get in touch with us to see how it can work for you! We can even offer 'White label' (Split branding) so that the show sounds original to your station, subject to availability.

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    • So you listen to the radio like everybody else, well now we're bringing you a different way. You can watch the show Live on Facebook and see what Craigyboy does while the show is broadcasting, pressing all the buttons and what happens while the songs are playing. Plus any mistakes & all those moments where things go wrong will all now be on video. You can also talk to Craig live on the night if you have any questions or requests. If you missed it live, not to worry, here is where you can find all the videos from previous shows.