• Kick starting your Saturday night off in style, playing music from the 80's, 90's, 00's, 10's, Top 40's, Chart Remixes & Floorfillers, pretty much anything we can across the whole 4 hours. From 8:15pm, Can you work out what the track is that I've spun backwards in my Reverse a Chorus?  & at 8:30pm we have my Triple Tracker, 3 songs picked at random by the system, I don't know what they are, just like you I'll be listening, its a mystery for us all. From 9:15pm, I have my 7 Song Shuffle, 7 clips in one montage, can you name all 7 artists and tracks? Its a show not to be missed, Live every Saturday from 8pm - Midnight UK Time

    • Kick starting your Saturday night off in style, playing new music, chart remixes, floorfillers & a few of your retro favourites. Play along & see if you can guess the Reverse a Chorus & 7 Song Shuffle while you're enjoying your Saturday night.

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